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Dr. Steve Wright, MD

Mountain MedicalDr. Steve Wright, MD

Dr. Steve Wright specializes in the in the engagement of a balancing act between optimization of safe opioid use and comprehensive, respectful pain management and addiction care. Dr. Wright has been practicing medicine for nearly four decades and is a master of pain and addiction pharmacogenomics. He is board certified in both family medicine and addiction medicine. He is currently a consultant on medical pain management and addiction as well as risk management in opioid prescribing.


  • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine (MD), 1974 – 1979
  • College of Wooster, BA Chemistry 1970 – 1974


Consultant in Medical Pain Management and Addiction

 – Present, Colorado

Controlled substances, addiction, medical pain management, and pharmacogenetics education.
Expert analysis of addiction, medical pain management practice including medico-legal.
Controlled substance (including marijuana) safety policies and systems.

Opioid Prescribing / Risk Management / Addiction Non-Branded Presentations

 – Present, Colorado

Facing not only 16,000 opioid overdose deaths a year but also the crisis of 100 million with chronic intractable chronic pain, medical providers in America have dual obligations: treating pain while limiting the negative effects of the controlled substances prescribed. This is a presentation about achieving a practical, effective balance with an evidence-based yet personalized model.

Cannabis Adverse Effects and Potential Medical Use Non-Branded Presentations

 – Present, Colorado, Ohio, Kansas, Washington DC

Medical use of cannabis was first described in 2737 BCE and euphoric effects in 400 BCE. Medical providers caught up in the evolving legalization environment are challenged by how to approach their patients. This presentation outlines practice recommendations based on current evidence about adverse consequences and potential medical uses.

Contracted Speaker

Astra Zeneca – Daiichi Sankyo

 – Present, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

Educate medical providers about risks and benefits of Movantik for opioid induced constipation


Addiction Non-Branded Presentations

 – Present, Colorado, New Mexico

Addiction is a chronic disease of brain reward neurophysiologically based on “needing” a substance or behavior, even though “liking” may have initiated that process. It is best characterized by compusion, loss of control, and continuation in spite of adverse consequences. This presentation outlines how such an understanding leads to Recovery Oriented Care with effective evidence-based, personalized approaches that include medication management, addiction therapy, mutual help, and adjunctive modalities.

Contracted Speaker, Consultant

Millennium Health

 – Present, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, WA

Educating prescribers of controlled substances about risk management including drug testing
Educating prescribers about the clinical use of pharmacogenetics

Contracted Speaker

Pernix Therapeutics (previously through Zogenix)

 – Present, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Washington state

Educate medical providers about the risks and benefits of Zohydro ER for chronic intractable pain

Contracted Speaker

Indivior (previously through Reckitt Benckiser)

 – Present, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas

Educating DEA-waived physicians about the risks and benefits of Suboxone film for opioid addiction
Educating medical providers about the disease of opioid addiction and Recovery Oriented Care

Contracted Speaker, Consultant

Depomed (previously through Janssen Pharmaceuticals)

 – Present, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee

Educating medical providers about the risks and benefits of Nucynta and Nucynta ER for chronic intractable pain
Advisory board member

Medical Provider Evaluator, Consultant

Colorado Personalized Education Program

 – Present, Colorado, North Carolina

Evaluating medical providers regarding their care of patients with pain and addiction
Precepting physicians regarding care of patients with pain


Colorado Pain and Rehabilitation

 – Greater Denver Area

Direct medical care of patients with chronic intractable pain and / or addiction

Consultant: Addiction – Denver Nuggets

National Basketball Association

 – Metro Denver, CO

Available for evaluation and treatment of team members for substance-related problems

Consultant: Pain, Addiction

Mountain Medical Care

 – Metro Denver, CO

Supervision of medical care provided by physician assistants

Physician: Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Medical Pain Management
Porter Primary Care

 – Greater Denver Area

Physician: Hospital-based

Porter Adventist Hospital

 – Denver, CO

Pain Committee: 2007-2013
Ethics Committee: 2005-2013

Contracted Speaker

Endo Pharmaceuticals

 – Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, MS, NV, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming

Speaker for Opana ER, Lidoderm
Advisory Board: 2009, 2012

Contracted Speaker

Forest Pharmceuticals

 –  Colorado

Speaker for Savella

Contracted Speaker

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

 – Colorado, Montana

Speaker for fibromyalgia, nicotine addiction, Chantix, Lyrica

Physician: Hospital-based

Swedish Medical Center

 – Denver, CO

Direct care of hospitalized patients.

Physician Monitor

North Carolina Physician Health Program

 – Shelby, NC

Monitoring, supporting physicians in early addiction recovery

Board of Directors


 – Gastonia, NC

3 county not-for-profit: addiction, mental health, developmental disabilities services
Clients Rights Committee


Shelby Family Medicine

 – Shelby, NC

Private practice: family medicine, addiction, medical pain management

Physician: Hospital-based

Cleveland Regional Medical Center

 – Shelby, NC

Ethics Committee: 2003-5 Co-Chair 2005
Med Exec Committee: 2003-5

Physician, Consultant

Vista Taos Treatment Center

 – Taos, NM

Residential treatment for early addiction recovery

Addiction Consultant, Board Member

Millennium Treatment Services

 – Santa Fe, NM

Not-for-profit: Drug court IOP for early addiction recovery

Consultant, Board Member

IHS Recovery

 – Santa Fe, NM

Not-for-profit providing IOP for addiction including drug court


Rodeo Family Medicine

 – Santa Fe, NM

Family medicine and addiction medicine

Physician: Hospital-based

St Vincents Hospital

 – Santa Fe, NM

Chair: Family Medicine Section 1986-8

Interim Medical Director

Ayudantes: Methadone Maintenance Program

 – Santa Fe, NM

Direct care of patients, clinical manager of the program.

Physician: Hospital-based

Pinion Hills Hospital

 – Santa Fe, NM

Specialty hospital for psychiatry and substance addictions
Medical Director of Substance Abuse Services: 1998-9

Board Member

Physician Management Resource, LLC

 – Santa Fe, NM

Contract Negotiator: 1996-7

Board Member

New Mexico Physicians Liability Company

 – Albuquerque, NM

Board of Directors 1991-8
Claims Committee
Underwriting Committee


REMS is not a 4-letter word

Pain Management. 2012 May;5(3):21.

May 2012

REMS is what prescribers should want to do for safe opioid prescribing


  • American Board of Family Medicine
    • Diplomat: 1983 Recertified: 1990, 1997, 2004,  – 
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine
    • Certified: 1992 Recertified: 2002


Response to Colorado Medical Board Opioid Policy


Recommendations to the Colorado Medical and other associated Boards on the draft opioid policy on behalf of myself as an individual and as a part of the Colorado Medical Society and the Colorado Pain Society.

National Governors Association Prescription Drug Abuse Project


Strategic planning to reduce prescription drug misuse in Colorado.

Development of Addiction Monitoring Slide Deck


Cardiovascular Medical Advisory Panel


Physician panel on CV service provision at Porter Hospital

State of New Mexico Substance Abuse Task Force


Developed global recommendations regarding substance abuse

Santa Fe Health Planning Commission: Committee on Substance Abuse


Developed global substance abuse treatment system goals for Santa Fe County

La Vision del Valle


Developed recommendations for heroin abuse in northern New Mexico

Physician Aid Committee


New Mexico Med Soc committee for physicians with health problems affecting practice

Health Teamworks (formerly CO Clinical Guideline Collaborative)


Assisted development of SBIRT guideline for drugs including alcohol for Colorado

Addiction Services Plan: Inpatient and Outpatient


Assessment and recommendations regarding addictions service set

Hospital Impaired Physician Policy


Developed and wrote the Impaired Physicians Policy

Opioid Safe Prescribing Presentation


Contracted by France Foundation
Presented at Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO

Best Practices in Opioid Addiction Treatment Conference


Conference chair and speaker (3 presentations)

New Mexico Acad Family Physicians: Winter conference


Conference Chair

New Mexico Acad Family Physicians: Summer conference


Conference Chair: Ruidoso, NM