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Seminar Schedule



8 am

“Northwest Colorado Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction: More than Just Numbers”
Ken Davis, PA-C
1) Describe Regional Rx Trends
2) Outline a structured community and clinically based approach
3) Overview of local resources

“The Mental Health-Addiction Connection”
1) What is Addiction?
2) What is Mental Illness?
3) What is the connection between addiction and mental illness?
4) Comorbidity…the proverbial “chicken or the egg”
5) Possibilities for the prevalence of co-occurrence

9 am

“MAT: A Piece of the Puzzle”
Steve Wright, MD
1) Who needs MAT?
2) How does MAT effect other medical treatments?
3) How can a patient start MAT?

“The Painful Truth About Being Pain-Free: the imperfection of effective treatment”
Hunter Weatherly, PharmD
1) Physiologic mechanisms of opioids
2) Opioid tolerance and hyperalgesia
3) Current and future treatment modalities of chronic pain and opioid dependency

10 am

“The Future is Now: BHRT and Amino Acids for Pain Control and Addiction Recovery”
Judith Toney, MD
1) What is BHRT?
2) How does it work in your body?
3) What is the benefit in pain management and opioid recovery?

“Multimodal Pain Management for Persons with Opioid Use Disorder”
Steve Wright, MD; Katie Brydon, LCSW, LAC, MAC, Jonathan Karsten, PA-C, Nancy Beste, PA-C, CAC-II
1) Good pain management for persons with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
2) Non-pharmacologic pain management approaches for those with OUD
3) Pharmacologic pain management approaches for those in recovery

11 am

“Recovery IS Possible”
Carmen Iacino, MA, LAC
1) Define recovery in a broad way
2) List the steps to recovery
3) List common blocks that need to be overcome
4) Role of Naloxone

“Regenerative Medicine, An Overview and outcomes”
Brian Siegel, MD
1) Brief Overview
2) Techniques and procedures
3) Outcomes of recent knee study


12 pm – Auditorium
“MAT Pilot Overview: Community Opportunities”
Nancy Beste MPAS, PA-C, CAC-II, Executive Director Mountain Medical Injury &
Pain Professionals, Road to Recovery


1 pm
Benzodiazapines: Boon or Blunder”
Steve Wright, MD
1) Describe the indications and evidence-base for the clinical use of
2) Describe the major negative consequences of benzodiazepine use
3) Outline an approach to patients with benzodiazepine-related problems

“Beginning with the end in  mind: the use of OPIOID ALTERNATIVES for Emergency Department pain management”
David Wilkinson, MD
1) How to manage pain without opiates
2) Why less opiates is better for patients
3) What impact has non opiate pain management had on ED Population

2 pm

“Trauma Integrated Addiction Treatment: What is It? What Does It Look Like?”
Michael F. Barnes, Ph.DF., MAC, LPC & Jasmine Aranda, MA, LAC
1) Define trauma integrated addiction treatment and identify critical issues for
treating both issues
2) Recognize best practices that have been identified from review of multiple
addiction treatment programs
3) Critically assess treatment methods for developing effective trauma integrated
addiction treatment.

“Breakin’ Good? Or Breakin’ Bad? The Cannabis Conundrum”
Steve Wright, MD
1) Outline the physiologic and neurophysiologic effects of cannabis
2) Outline the major negative consequences of cannabis use
3) Describe the available evidence-based uses of cannabinoids
4) Describe an approach to the patient using cannabis medically or recreationally

3 pm
“Panel Discussion: Integrating the community for recovery. How do we work together and where are the resources?”
All speakers above and others in a forum